Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ready to go!

So I guess I'll be keeping a blog for my trip to Japan to keep people updated. Well, more so that I can come back and read about all the awesome things that WILL be happening.

As of right now I'm all packed and ready to go. Nothing beats the feeling of showing my suitcase who's boss. I'm pretty sure I brought the most stuff with me to Japan... It's not my fault I'm going straight to my dorm after the trip.

Anyways, I can't tell if I'm excited or not yet. I've been such a big lazy bum this whole summer I don't remember what work even feels like. Heck, how am I going to survive without my 3 hour afternoon naps? Ha. Oh man. Thank goodness for this trip otherwise I'm really turning into a serious Snorlax.

Am I ready? I'm ready. Tomorrow I'll be emotionally ready. Aw man. Hi mom. I'm gonna miss you. I already do. Ok bye.

P.S. I promise my posts will get more interesting. The itinerary is crazy and I'll have tons to talk about!

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